mothers in pain 
A voluntary organisation supporting victims and families of gun, knife and gang crimes


Just remember! No matter what their age, our young people need to be hugged and to hear the words

I Love you” & “I do care what happens to you

Many of our young people have lost their lives through gun, knife and the gang culture; this has left big holes in many a family's lives.

MIP wants to show our young people, parents and friends that there is an alternative way of living and communicating with each other.


Our children and our families are our responsibilities, so never be afraid to ask for help, it does not mean you have failed on the contrary; it shows you care.

Don't give up on your child, seek support. Don't make your child feel unwanted, don't ignore them thinking the situation will go away, it won't!


We once had a circle of caring families, friends & neighbours, let's work towards that again and build a stronger, safer and caring diverse community

Why do young people turn to gangs, what is happening, what is missing within our family unit?  If you are struggling, suffering or in fear; there is a way out!

Do not condone criminal behaviour!

Distracting our young people from a life of crime

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